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Many of our families have their sessions covered by their insurance plans, but different plans have different inclusion and exclusion criteria for speech therapy. Please check with your individual health insurance provider to be sure.

We haven’t been referred, I just have a “gut feeling” my child needs support. Can we book?


Yes! As their parent or caregiver, you know your child best. “Gut feelings” are often right! Reach out to us using our contact form or email us directly at

I have an autistic child. Are we a fit?


Yes! We have therapists on our team who focus on and excel at working with autistic and neurodiverse preschoolers. We can also support your family if/while you’re waiting for a developmental assessment.

My child was born with a disability and/or a developmental diagnosis. Are we a fit?


We have experience working with children with many different disabilities and developmental diagnoses. The best thing to do is reach out to us and share your communication goals for your child. If we aren’t the best fit to support them, we’ll refer you to another SLP who we believe will be.

Do you have experience working with children with apraxia?


Yes! In fact, we’re very passionate about working with preschoolers with motor speech difficulties and Apraxia. All our SLPs are PROMPT trained and follow ReST and DTTC principles.

What are your service fees?


Our professional organization, Speech-Language and Audiology Canada, has set standard rates for speech therapists in Ontario, and our private rates fall within these standards.

We understand that private speech therapy fees can be a financial hardship for some families. If your family lives in Ontario, we recommend accessing the public preschool speech and language program in your area in addition to seeking out our private services. 

What payment options do you accept?


We accept credit cards and e-Transfers at the end of each session.

Is Babbling Babies covered by insurance?


While it is facilitated by a Speech-Language Pathologist, Babbling Babies is a workshop, not speech and language therapy. You will get an SLP workshop receipt at the end of the program, but we make no guarantees regarding individual health insurance coverage. We recommend reaching out to your health insurance provider about whether or not it will be covered prior to registering if this is a consideration for you.

I don’t have any concerns about my baby's development but I want to do everything I can. Is Babbling Babies for us?


Yes! Please reach out! The Babbling Babies program was developed with all babies and families in mind.

Visit Us In Person

We currently offer in-person speech therapy and run our Babbling Babies program live out of our clinic space in the St. Clair West and Christie area in midtown Toronto. Contact us for more details if in-person support is of interest to you!

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