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Encourage language learning, nurture baby play skills, and have fun with your little one!


On Baby Communication & Language Development

On Understanding & Nurturing Baby Play Skills


Taught by SLPs

Evidence-Based Insights from Speech Therapists

Babies Are Cute, Cuddly & Kind Of Confusing!

Having a baby is an incredible experience. But, let’s be honest. It can be hard, too! Especially when the concerns creep in, the questions take over, and self-doubt stops you in your tracks.

  • You want to do what’s best for your baby and their development but life is BUSY!
  • You’re looking for ways to pass the days that are good for both of you.
  • You’d love to know you’re doing enough and build your baby parenting toolkit.

In other need our Bespoke Baby e-course!


Where Caregivers & Babies Learn To Thrive Together

We took our signature, speech therapist-led, Babbling Babies  program and turned it into a super-convenient e-Course! Bespoke Baby is for parents of babies 0-15 months old who want to make the most of daily moments and routines—but need the flexibility of virtual, self-paced learning!

Your Baby Communication & Play Manual

The Bespoke Baby e-Course is broken down into two important categories of baby development: language and play.

Work your way through 5 research-based modules on the important play skills that emerge in babyhood and how you, as a caregiver, can nurture these skills!



Access 6 evidence-based, speech therapist-taught lessons on supporting baby's communication and language development at home.

Build Your Baby’s Skills—And Your Parenting Confidence!

Babbling Babies families get evidence-based support while connecting with their babies and reaping parenthood benefits like these:


Learn to encourage your baby's language development from an experienced preschool speech therapist.

Make Better Use of Toys & Books

We know our toys and books, and soon you will too! Learn which ones promote learning—and which ones to avoid.

Debunk Myths & Understand Evidence

Get evidence-based info on topics like sign language, bilingualism, tongue ties, gender differences & screen time.

Connect With Your Baby

Experience the joy of giggling, playing, babbling, and connecting with your baby during class. Then, bring it home!

Research-Backed, Evidence-Based & Taught By Speech Therapists

Babbling Babies is the only Speech-Language Pathologist-led baby program in North America! It’s unique because it’s a guided program designed for babies that focuses on language and play. And, because it uses the latest research and evidence-based practices from the field of SLP to bring you up-to-date parenting information and tips you can easily use at home.


Expert-Led Parent Classes for Better Communication & Play!

We wanted the Bespoke Baby e-Course to feel easy like a Sunday morning. So we included all the material we cover in our Babbling Babies 8-week in-person program and priced it at just $50.

Total Value: $150
Your Price: $50 CDN

Everything You Need To Support Language Learning At Home!

The Bespoke Baby e-Course gives you exclusive access to all the materials you’d learn in our Babbling Babies 8-week program. Just without the scheduling, driving, and remembering to show up!

5+ Hours of Video Content

Each module includes a 20-30 minute video “know-how” lesson on one specific topic, facilitated by one of our preschool Speech-Language Pathologists.

Clickable Toy & Book Links

Choosing toys that support development has never been easier! Access our expert-curated toy lists with links to purchase and learn to pick out your own toys, too.

Easy-to-Implement Parent Tips

Learn to effectively implement our language-rich communication tips during everyday moments while having fun playing with your baby!

The Complete Babbling Babies Curriculum

Want to know exactly what you’ll learn and when? We would, too! Here’s your e-Course curriculum at a glance:

Learn To Encourage Language Learning At Home, Through Play!

With Babbling Babies, you’ll sit back, relax, and learn to understand and nurture important baby play milestones and early communication skills like:

  • Babbling
  • First words
  • Gestures
  • Language milestones
  • People games
  • Cause & effect play
  • Book reading
  • Pretend play
  • …and more!

…and, you’ll do it all while playing, connecting, and loving on your baby.

All This & More For Just $50


When you join Bespoke Baby, you get access to HOURS of expert-led video content, TONS of curated book and toy lists, and all the education and tips you could ever need to support baby’s language and play development at home.

Total Value: $150
Your Price: $50 CDN

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is this e-course covered by insurance?


No, it likely would not be. We view this e-course more as educational parent content than a speech and language therapy service, and we do not provide a speech and language therapy receipt for this e-course.

I don’t have any concerns about my baby's development but I want to do everything I can. Is this e-course a fit for us?


Yes! Please do! The Babbling Babies program was developed with all babies and families in mind.

How long do I have access to the e-course?


You have unlimited access to the Bespoke Baby e-course. Take your time working through it, come back to the material whenever you need to, and keep it in your back pocket to use with future babies!

Good For Baby. Easy On You!

Babbling Babies gives you evidence-based answers to the million baby questions you have each day. The ones that, when combined, are at the root of some heavy parenthood self-doubt.

But, it also gives you freedom, flexibility, and breathing room. It doesn’t require you to schedule anything or drive anywhere. 

Think of this course as your speech-therapist-slash-baby-development-encyclopedia on demand. We’re there when you need us to be!

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